- Generate and create beautiful sounds

- 4 melody instruments of different colour and timbre

- Infinitely evolving ambient background harmonies

- Beautiful visual patterns react to the music


Aura generates an endless soothing audio and visual experience.

Seamlessly morphing and evolving, Aura is the perfect relaxation experience for those lazy afternoons, post work blues or a hot bath.

Update - Now contains a sleeper timer to so you can control when you iPhone/iPod Touch Autolocks.


With Aura anyone can create original melodies by touching the screen.

Each sound is controlled through pitch, loop length and decay, meaning your music constantly evolves as you dream of new ideas.

Control the background harmonies or let them evolve independently.


Listen or Create?

Aura starts in 'Listen Mode', just sit back and relax while it auto-generates beautiful soundscapes to take you away from it all. Tapping the center of the screen takes you through to 'Create Mode'


Tapping the button takes you through to the settings screen.
Rotate the icons around the circle to adjust the following settings:
Volume - Global volume of all sounds made in Aura
Sleep Timer - The 'Auto-lock' feature on your iPhone is disable by default, turing this on sets a timer for it to be activeated again - allowing to fall a sleep without worrying about your battery life.
Auto Melody Tempo - This settings adjusts the rate and complexity of the melodies that are auto generated in 'Listen' and 'Create' mode. Slow them down or speed up depending on your mood!

Create - Melodies
4 Melodies

Activate one of the 4 melodies by tapping its symbol. Now all input into the central area effects this melody only and it is connected to the time and decay symbols.

Create, Generate or Delete

To create your own melody, tap in the circle. The closer to the center the quieter the volume of the note. Your patterns will then be looped and played back.
Aura can automatically generate a pattern for you by simply tapping in the center of the circle.
The current pattern can be deleted by holding down in the center for a couple of seconds.

Volume, Decay and Sequence Length

The volume of a melody can be adjusted by moving the melody symbol around the edge of the circle, fluctuating between maximum and minium.
The decay controls the volume reduced on each loop of the pattern.
The Sequence Length controls the number of notes in the pattern.
Adjust these by moving them around the edge of the center circle, each melody has its own individual settings.

Create - Auras
4 Auras

Auras are the soothing background sounds you can hear, and constantly evolving.
These can be controlled in 'Create Mode' through the circle buttons in the 4 corners of the screen.

Adjust or Generate

By tapping in each corner the Aura flips between auto-evolve or manual. If the circle is pulsating, the Aura automatically evolves over time. If not, you are in full control of it.
You can change each Aura by moving the corner circles, each screen edge has a different mood and the volume is reduced by moving it towards the corner of the screen.

Motion Control

In 'Create Mode', shaking the device will reset all sounds (All Auras will turn off, and melodies will be reset)
For both modes, rotation or moving the device left or right will adjust the mood of the music by adjust the Auras and the colours.

Don't forget, help is always to hand by tapping the button.


How can I clear the create mode to silence?

Simply shake your device and all the sound elements are reset.

Can I export my music from Aura as an MP3?

Unforuntaley not as the audio engine does not currently support this feature. You can connect your device to your computer/audio recorder through the headphone socket though!

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