Aura Flux is a unique and innovative ambient music creation App for iOS devices. Create unlimited, generative music by simply connecting nodes together drawing pictures. With a wealth of options available for each node the sound, frequency, pitch can be changed to your needs or set to random to create evolving music.

With 48 individual sounds and a wide variety of features for how each connection reacts with the next, Aura Flux offers limitless possibilities. Choose from one of 4 moods (keys) and adjust the background ambiance to create new music every time you play with Aura Flux. The entire screen also acts as a touch instrument letting you play along melodies with any of the 48 instruments included.

Featuring full save and load, keep your favorite scenes to recall and listen to later or tweak to suit your mood.

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Even if you have no musical knowledge with Aura Flux you can create lush sounding ambient music by simply drawing pictures with the nodes.

Unleash you creativity and unwind with the soundscapes you make.


Each Node in Aura Flux contains a huge selection of options letting you have full control over your creations.

- Volume
- Trigger Rate
- Pitch
- Additional Note
- Pulse Speed
- Decay
- Solo


- 48 High quality stereo instruments
- 14 Stereo background ambience sounds
- 4 Seasons (keys)
- Unlimited generative music
- Full save and load of scenes
- Universal App
- Supports multitasking on iOS4 (Not Audio playback)
- All in under 8Mb!

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